A gap exists between engineering and immunology. Immunologists develop therapies that focus on fundamental mechanistic biology but lack tools to optimize therapies. Engineers design treatments that avoid the immune system, rather than harness it. Ideally, therapies should harness the immune system and benefit from engineering optimization. This goal requires substantial collaboration across engineering and immunology to unravel fundamental challenges and translate and optimize clinical advances. The Johns Hopkins Translational ImmunoEngineering (JH-TIE) BTRC will serve as a thought leader and collaborative hub for immunoengineering research.


The Johns Hopkins Translational ImmunoEngineering (JH-TIE) BTRC will advance immunoengineering research leading to transformative advances in cancer and immune-based therapies. If fully realized, JH-TIE has the potential to advance research and treatment of other inflammatory processes including: infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.


Our vision for the JH-TIE is to realize the potential of immunoengineering by enabling the fields of immunology and engineering to more fully integrate. We will create an immunoengineering ecosystem consisting of immunologists and engineers, research and translational stakeholders, and other end users. JH-TIE will sit at the interface between engineers and immunologists, serving as a liaison, translator, and innovator, as well as inform the broader bioscience and clinical worlds.

Goals and Objectives

Our proposed JH-TIE combines research, educational, and dissemination goals so that all researchers can understand, utilize, and benefit from the transformative field of Immunoengineering. JH-TIE's collaborative TR&D projects will distribute and evaluate their new techniques and tools nationally and internationally. JH-TIE will also establish a variety of educational and conference offerings to bring together the stakeholders and beneficiaries of immunoengineering.

Overarching Goals

  • Accelerate immunoengineering technical advances by a set off our collaborative TR&Ds
  • Provide technology and tools for bioengineers and immunologists.
  • Expand the reach of immunoengineering principles by offering training courses, seminars, and curricula for seasoned researchers, industrial practitioners, clinicians, and students.
  • Advance the field of immunoengineering by hosting conferences, short courses, and other targeted offerings; and
  • Serve as an interface and liaison for communities of immunologists, engineers, and other stakeholders.