Immunoengineering is a rapidly growing field that integrates two diverse, complex disciplines: engineering and immunology.  JH-TIE aims to break barriers between the fields by providing broad dissemination of immunoengineering principles, tools, and technical advances and facilitating collaborations between immunologists and engineers. With an integrated immunology-and-engineering approach, we can address a myriad of challenges and a wide variety of applications such as cancer immunotherapy and tissue engineering. Blurring the lines between immunology and engineering brings a unique synergy in medicine that our education, training, and dissemination goals aim to impact.

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Immunoengineering Courses

Traditionally, immunology and engineering were taught as two separate and distinct disciplines. To develop the next generation of trainees fluent in both immunology and engineering, we have built an entire subdiscipline within the Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering training program focused in immunoengineering.

Workshops and Seminars

JH-TIE hosts educational workshops and seminars that reinforce the blending of immunology and engineering. We aim to grow immunologists interested in quantitative bioengineering approaches and newly developed bioengineering technology, engineers interested in immunology and exploring immunological problems and applications, and trainees that about immunoengineering in an integrated way

Past Workshops and Seminars

A history of our successful completion of previous workshops and seminars.