TR&D Pojects

The three technology, research, and development (TR&D) projects are JH-TIE’s foundation that occupy distinct niches that are highly complementary to achieving immunity control. Collectively, they generate tools that selectively control immune outcomes against previously intractable targets at the cellular, subcellular, and molecular levels. Broad application of these tools, techniques, and protocols are demonstrated in models of autoimmune disease, tumor immunotherapy, and infectious disease. Associated with each TR&D project are the collaborative and service projects that support each initiative.

3D medical illustration of cancer tumor cells growth and propagation illness process.

TR&D 1: Engineering Artificial Antigen-Presenting Cell (aAPC) Platforms for T Cell Stimulation

TR&D project 1 focuses on enhancing engineered platforms for antigen-specific CD8+ and CD4+ T cell stimulation and expansion.

TR&D 2: Bioengineering Nanoimmunomaterial Tools for Immunomodulation

TR&D 2 uses engineering principles to control the physical, chemical, and biological properties of nanoimmunomaterials (NIM) for cellular engineering.

TR&D 3: Bioengineering Novel Cytokine/Antibody Fusion Protein

TR&D 3 aims to engineer novel, innovative fusion proteins that enhance naturally occurring molecule functionality, and serve as effective targeted treatments to modulate the immune response and for disease treatment.