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Johns Hopkins Translational ImmunoEngineering

A thought leader and collaborative hub for immunoengineering research

JH-TIE will bring together the worlds of engineering and immunology, leading the research and development of transformative cancer therapies and regenerative medicine

JH-TIE Research Strategy

The Johns Hopkins Translational ImmunoEngineering (JH-TIE) is part of the National Centers for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NCBIB) network and the first to focus on the development of tools and methods for the advancement of immunoengineering. The tools and technology developed by JH-TIE will catalyze advances in the research of cellular engineering technologies to specifically modulate the immune system in an antigen-specific fashion with broad applications to human health.

Research in Immunology and Immunoengineering has created exciting scientific advances that will revolutionize many fields including cancer, infectious disease, autoimmunity, and immunetolerance, among others. These advances will lead directly to new treatments and enhance the efficacy of existing and emerging therapeutics and devices. Immunoengineering has the potential to profoundly impact fundamental bioscience, translational research, and human health.

JH-TIE Vision

JH-TIE will sit at the interface between engineers and immunologists, serving as a liaison, translator, technical platform developer, and innovator, as well as inform the broader bioscience and clinical worlds.

The JH-TIE will integrate disciplines, tools, and approaches from immunology and engineering to enable a new generation of transformative therapies.

Technology Research & Development

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