Workshops and Seminars

JH-TIE hosts educational workshops and seminars that reinforce the blending of immunology and engineering. We aim to grow immunologists interested in quantitative bioengineering approaches and newly developed bioengineering technology, engineers interested in immunology and exploring immunological problems and applications, and trainees that about immunoengineering in an integrated way

Advances in Immunoengineering

Fundamentals and Cutting Edge Advances Workshop and Course

What has become our signature event, this virtual three-week workshop will review immune system fundamentals and components, engineering strategies to modulate the immune system, and clinical applications. It has established an international reputation, attracting approximately 400-500 participants from 29 countries/regions each year from across a variety of medical fields and educational levels.

This workshop is also offered as a one-credit course to Johns Hopkins students.


Technology Training & Case Competition

A three-day event that will teach you our technologies, applications, and hands-on experience to develop new ideas about the application of these technologies in a team-based, hackathon-style competition.


Translational Immunoengineering Seminars

There are no upcoming seminars at this time.