Frameshift is an academic initiative that combines an entrepreneurial spirit and translational growth environment to develop new therapies rapidly using immunoengineering technologies. This initiative showcases innovative biological advances at the intersection of immunology, engineering, and medicine.

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Technology Training & Case Competition

This in-person three-day event that will teach trainees about JH-TIE technologies and potential applications, provide hands-on experience with relevant techniques, and develop new ideas about the application of these technologies in a team-based, hackathon-style competition. The workshop will be split into two portions. The first is seminars and hands-on lab demonstrations where participants will experience how to synthesize and use core TR&D platforms. The second is an entrepreneurial showcase where participants create and pitch a novel immunoengineering solution using a combination of the TR&D technologies.

Target Audience
Postdoctoral scholars and candidates pursuing research-intensive and clinically focused advanced degrees, including but not limited to those in Ph.D., M.D., and PharmD granting programs.

Event: July 22 – 24, 2024
Registration deadline: June 30, 2024

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Frequently Asked Questions

What prior knowledge do applicants need?

A knowledge of introductory immunology is recommended for participants.

Do I need to have a pre-existing team in place to apply?

Individuals are encouraged to apply! Teams will be formed to cover the scope of TR&D platform interests and training backgrounds.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to attend the program. Reagents, meals, and lodging (if required) will be covered for applicants selected to attend. Please note that lodging availability is at the discretion of the organizers and will be prioritized for non-local attendees.

I have an existing idea/IP, can I incorporate this into the case competition?

While the program seeks to attract attendees from a diverse set of backgrounds, participants are encouraged to generate creative solutions in solving the prompts.

I am unable to attend the dates listed, can I still participate virtually?

Due to the nature of the program, we are unable to accommodate virtual attendees. However, we encourage those who cannot attend to register for upcoming virtual JH-TIE workshops.

Don't delay. Registration closes June 30, 2024.