Headshot of Hai-Quan Mao. He has salt and pepper hair and brown eyes. He is wearing black square frame glasses and a gray suit jacket with a blue shirt and dark blue tie.

Hai-Quan Mao

TR&D 1

Dr. Mao is the Associate Director of the Institute for NanoBioTechnology (INBT), which brings together more than 200 primary and affiliated faculty members across different schools and divisions at JHU and fosters cross-disciplinary research innovations that address fundamental challenges in science, engineering, medicine, and public health. INBT has been successfully running training and educational programs covering trainees from the pre-college years through postdoctoral fellowships, producing the next generation of scientists and engineers with cross-disciplinary skills to address new challenges in healthcare, medicine, and basic science. Dr. Mao has been teaching Biomaterials courses and labs to students from different programs in engineering and medicine. He has jointly supervised graduate students and postdoc fellows with faculty in the schools of medicine, public health, and arts and sciences, including with PIs Schneck, Elisseeff, and Green.