Headshot of Stephany Tzeng. She has long dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and dark brown almond shaped eyes. She is wearing a sleeveless v-neck blue blouse and silver bead necklace. She is standing outside in front of a red and white brick building and trees.

Stephany Tzeng

TR&D 2 Co-I

Stephany Tzeng is a Research Associate in Biomedical Engineering and is a member of the Translational Tissue Engineering Center (TTEC). She was awarded a Siebel Scholarship in 2014 while finishing her PhD work at Johns Hopkins on non-viral gene delivery nanoparticles for cancer therapy and regenerative medicine, advised by Jordan Green in the Biomaterials and Drug Delivery Lab. She completed a postdoctoral associateship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the use of synthetic biomaterials for vaccine delivery, including work published in PNAS in 2018 and in Science in 2017.

Her current work combines the non-viral gene delivery technology with recent advances in cancer immunotherapy, leveraging the synthetic nanoparticles as a safe and effective method of reprogramming the tumor microenvironment to activate the patient’s own immune system against cancer. She was also awarded a Young Investigator Grant from the American Autoimmune-Releated Diseases Association (AARDA) for her work on biodegradable cell mimics that can activate protective elements of the immune system in the case of autoimmune diseases.