Information About the 2025 Winter Workshop and Course Will Be Announced in Fall 2024

The immunoengineering field is transforming cancer, autoimmunity, regeneration, and transplantation treatments by combining the diverse and complex fields of engineering and immunology. There is a significant need to train engineers in immunology and immunologists in quantitative engineering techniques. Moreover, there is a need to bridge basic immunological discoveries with advances in clinical application. This virtual three-week workshop will review immune system fundamentals and components, engineering strategies to modulate the immune system, and clinical applications.

Workshop attendees will learn about
•  The fundamentals and recent discoveries of immune system functions.
•  Engineering strategies to manipulate the immune system.
•  Immunoengineering clinical applications.

Target Audience
The workshop is designed for graduate students, medical students, residents, and fellows in engineering, immunology, and related fields. Engineering and clinical faculty, and industry professionals will benefit from the course too.

Dates and Time
Every Tuesday and Thursday

This workshop is eligible for CME credit. It is also offered as a one-credit course to Johns Hopkins students for intersession 2025. This workshop is open to all whether they are seeking credit or not.

You only need to register once to attend all dates and registration is allowed at any time. Johns Hopkins students seeking course credit must enroll in SIS and register for the workshops. The SIS courses are listed as EN.580.403 (undergraduate) and EN.580.703 (graduate),  Advances in Immunoengineering.